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Monday, September 1, 2014

5 Ways to be a Productive Digital Marketer

Some of the small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) would rather choose someone whom they thought can handle the complicated task of having a successful digital marketing campaign, than hiring an accredited and certified digital marketing manager. Not knowing that this type of marketing strategy is filled with trifling and bewildering facets.

Entering the world of digital marketing requires sufficient knowledge on the aspects it involves. From social media to search engine optimization, a digital marketer should know the responsibilities of managing various features of a company’s online marketing campaign.

Are you one of those who would want to become an effective digital marketer that would help a company bloom by your productive digital marketing strategies? 

We might help you with these steps in becoming one.

1.    Understand the fundamentals of online marketing
Learn what digital assets your company has. Analyze previous campaigns. Did it work? If not, what seems to be lacking from it? Does it give ROI to the company? Ask your selves these questions. Knowing the answers to these will help you formulate a strategy.

One of the responsibilities of a digital marketing expert is to develop a digital marketing strategy. It requires an extremely complicated discipline that needs to be lead into success. The best way to develop is your keen knowledge on the types of online marketing. It includes Social Media Marketing, SEO, media buying, online PR management, email marketing and such.

2.     Know you KPIs

Basic of digital marketing is to know your Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPI. This determines whether your online marketing campaign was a success or not. KPIs can be considered as revenues and total number of sales.
Interview and learn the marketing goal of your client. Don’t just accept “to expand sale and to market” kind of answers, a good digital marketer needs to know the deeper detail. Ask them what the number they want to see in a given period of time.

3.    Establish a good relationship with SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important features of online marketing. It can bring your clients website at the top of Google search rankings with the proper use of keywords and other factors.

SEO takes months of on-page optimization and link building, but despite the slow –pace process, most companies that used this gained web traffic and sales.

4.    Identify your social media platforms
Knowing what social media platform to use for your business needs a strong demographic information about your client’s prospect consumer. It would help you identify the best social media platform to use, based on the age, gender, and social profile of your target market. Business to business (B2B) type of marketing needs a social media account that will link them to their possible leads, thus, the use of LinkedIn could be more appropriate. If your company’s brand needs visual presentation, Instagram and Facebook can be the best social media platform to use.

5.    Manage a digital marketing team
Big and established companies opted to separate social media marketing, SEO, Online PR Department and Digital Marketing. But a smart and efficient digital marketer can single this out into one team, the Digital Marketing Team.

Create a team with different specialties that associates with the fundamental of online marketing. In this matter each staff would have to focus on a certain aspect.
This age, new type of profession is needed to respond in the growing digital demand. Being a new breed of the digital world needs to have more focus,  in coordinating your marketing tactics with the way the digital world want you to learn and grow.

This article is exclusively written for by Lozatech, a digital marketing firm that offers web design, web development, graphic design, and social media marketing to its reputable global clients. Visit their website to learn more.