Friday, September 30, 2011

Infolinks Launches the First In-Text Ads Marketplace

If you've been reading my blog posts, you've probably browsed through a couple of advertisements in bubble boxes called "Infolinks In-Text Ads".  As you can see, its a great innovation from the traditional advertisements that the audience are tired of.   Based on statistics, Infolinks delivers In-Text advertising campaigns across 250 billion pages of content reaching over 350 million unique visitors monthly.  No wonder, it gained the latest buzz from various news reports such as Media PostWebsite MagazineYahoo NewsBrand ChannelAdotas.

Infolinks has recently launched the very first In-Text Ads Marketplace in the world.   It offers advertisers the following benefits:

  • Easy, convenient and fast - You can set-up your ads in a matter of minutes just by simply following a few steps.
  • Relevant branding campaign - It gives you the option to select the proper keywords most relevant for branding.  
  • Keyword Bidding Function - Allows you to segment the market based on geography and budget.
  • Real-time reporting - You can instantly monitor and customize your ads to make them more efficient.

Infolinks In-Text Ads Marketplace benefit both publishers and advertisers because it has smart algorithmns that place In-Text ads that are aligned to the targeted readers.  

I suggest you visit  Infolinks In-Text Ads Marketplace and check out their easy platform now and try it out for yourself!